Replicate Android on iOS with iAndroid

Replicate Android on iOS with iAndroid

Android is the mobile operating system that is seeing the fastest rise in terms of the user base worldwide. More and more people are hopping onto Google’s bandwagon that aims to be the ultimate freedom-propagating operating system. With the ability to gain root permissions, the Android OS is the best free mobile operating system right now.

The only relevant rival to Android is iOS that does duty on the Apple iPhone. But in what is highly good news for iPhone users, they can now experience Android on their iPhones. This has been made possible by an application named iAndroid. The ‘i’ prefix has been adopted by the app’s developers to clearly signify the fact that it is made for the iPhone only.


The Need to Create iAndroid

iOS is far better established than Android since it has been around for nearly 5 years now. This has undoubtedly helped it gain a major market for itself. However, Android has been gaining a lot in the user base stakes for a while now and quite a lot of this gain has come at the cost of iPhone users. Many of these users were simply curious about the new OS in town and wanted to experience it first-hand. The developers of iAndroid clearly saw a market for a product which could replicate the Android experience on an iOS device. People who prefer the smoothness of iOS but also like the usability of Android now no longer have to decide between either of the two. iAndroid is the perfect solution for them.

iAndroid – Getting It On Your iPhone

Bringing iAndroid to your iOS device is rather easy and involves a few steps only. But there is one caveat to the entire process. This tweak can be applied to only those iPhones that have been jailbreak-ed. So if your iPhone is running on Apple’s default firmware then you need to get it jailbroken.

Once the phone is jailbroken, all it takes for iAndroid to be usable is an installation. After you have installed this application in your iPhone, it can be launched from the phone’s homescreen just like any other normal app. This simple nature of use is one of the reasons why the app is highly popular even among less tech savvy people.

Once it is launched on your iPhone, the iAndroid app will display Google’s logo. This is followed by the display of a screen that is instantly recognizable by its Android roots. This is where you have arrived to the beginning of the actual Android replication on iOS.

User Interface of iAndroid

The Android homescreen that follows the Google logo borrows many of its cues from HTC’s very own user interface, the Sense. The biggest giveaway of this fact is the large digital clock that is the highlight of HTC’s Sense UI. However, the slider on the bottom is more similar to the one found in the default interface of Android.

The iAndroid app for iOS is not just limited to replicating Android on iPhones. This simulator also includes a few apps that are very much usable. Some of these apps include a web browser, a number pad and even a finger-doodling application. Although, it is not exactly clear if the number pad actually allows you to make a real call.

Other Notable Features of iAndroid

The iAndroid app also brings other signature features into play like the ability to customize the user interface, fiddle around with wallpaper settings, add widgets to the homescreen, change web browser settings and many more. Also included in the app are dedicated social networking apps like Twitter and Facebook. Also present is a new dial pad that is fully functional.

Contrary to popular perception, this app actually doesn’t emulate Android in any way. It rather replicates that operating system within a normal iOS application. This is because there are still many limitations in the usability of the Android replicated in this form. For example, there is not access to the Google Market. So you cannot search and download the specific Android apps you want. In fact, iAndroid doesn’t give you the freedom to install additional applications at all. You will have to make do with the apps that have been pre-included.

iAndroid was created by frOst, who is also responsible for authoring apps like ‘OS Faker’ that simulated both Windows Phone 7 and Android user interfaces on iPhones. Apart from the requirement of your iPhone being jailbreak-ed, there is another precondition. The version of iOS on your iPhone must be 4.x only. Previous versions, ala 3.x, are not supported as of now. This has been done with a view to ensure that the iAndroid app works on iOS 4.x devices without a hitch.

Know Your Potential Well In SoundCloud

Know Your Potential Well In SoundCloud

SoundCloud comes with some very good marketing techniques as well. As a matter of fact SoundCloud is one platform which is used by the musicians to promote their kinds of music to a large audience base. Every user of SoundCloud is provided with an inbox where they can send private tracks to their music fans. It is one of the best marketing techniques available in SoundCloud and most users is taking full advantage of this as well. It helps a lot to promote your brand of music. The best part of this technique is that it easily converts the regular fans into super fans if you can use this technique to its potential.

Know Your Potential Well In SoundCloud

If you are trying to understand the difference between regular fan and Super Fan then here is the difference explained in simple language. Regular fan will listen to your track and if they find it interesting then they will leave a comment or post a like for that track, but if you have Super Fans then they will have all your albums, pictures and all your activities up in their sleeves. They will follow you everywhere and will like all your albums. In case you are not satisfied with the comments you are receiving then you can buy SoundCloud comments from various online service providers who will deliver within 5- 7 business days.

Treating your fans, avoiding strangers

Treat your fans by sending them private tracks right in their inbox in order to just make them realize how important they are for you. There is no need to provide them with something exclusive which is not that exclusive instead they are actually sharing the same clip with hundred thousand out there. Therefore, in order to get more likes or comments or plays don’t send in the same thing to every stranger. Instead, you can buy SoundCloud plays which will be much more effective for you when you are trying to market your track. Make sure to provide something exclusive to your fans who are following you with sincerity and don’t ever miss a chance to make them feel special.

Sharing multiplies

Sharing is important and SoundCloud is no exception out here. In the social networking platform the more you share, the more exposure you get. It is a tried and tested formula that has really worked wonders for many. Therefore, when you are uploading any track on SoundCloud, ensure that you make use of Facebook platform also to share this bit of news as well. If you have twitter account, then make use of that as well by posting some tweets about your track. You can also embed HTML5 player in order to make your music available to your audience of the different social media site as well. If you are on Tumblr then you can post the track that you have uploaded in SoundCloud in here too in order to gain maximum exposure. In case you want to get a huge number of likes and go viral then you can buy SoundCloud likes for you track as well.